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With the Spirit at our side, and mindful of the Blessed Mother, we follow God's will and the teachings of Jesus Christ,  especially  through Sunday Worship and the care of parishioners for one another and by connecting life and faith on a regular basis.

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Fourth Sunday of Lent

There’s no map for my journey. We go where the road takes us. Sometimes it’s hard to see, to know which way to turn, to find the light of truth. Sometimes along the way we see what appears to be and not what really is. We want to blame the poor for being lazy, the sick for making unhealthy choices, the abused and oppressed for not standing up for themselves. We want to absolve ourselves of our responsibility for each other, to assign blame.
My mission was never about blame. It was always about compassion and love, about finding dignity in all of my brothers and sisters. St. Paul once said, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” He understood. He understood that all humanity is frail and flawed, that all humanity is vulnerable and in need of God’s love. That is the humanity into which I immersed myself. That is the humanity for which I gave my life. We are all in this together. To bring my brothers and sisters to see this – that was the goal of my mission. That is where my journey leads.

Are you willing to work for justice for the poor? Are you willing to celebrate the dignity of all people, even if their life-style offends you? Are you willing to forgive terrorists, to have compassion for those who oppress or abuse others, to understand and care for those with addictions? Are you willing to leave judgment to my father and look for the light of truth, the glimmer of hope in all your brothers and sisters? Are you willing to really see all others as your brothers and sisters?

Will you continue to walk with me?

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As a convenience to our parishioners, Our Lady Queen of Peace has establishing a means for you to make payments and regular contributions online.  The service uses advanced encrypted security features, so that using the service is safe.  You will access this service by following the Online Payments link on the navigation bar.  This link will take you to the secure server where you can set up your account.  With your account, you can specify regular deductions from your bank account or charges to your credit card, or you can log on to make individual payments and contributions.  At any time, you can change your payment options or cancel use of the service.  There is no cost to you for this service.  If you have any questions, please contact Jan Schultheiss in the parish office.

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