Lent - Our Journey with Christ to Redemption... Feb 14 - Mar 31 May 2018 be a year of hope, of tolerance, of peace and joy for us, our families and our world!

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With the Spirit at our side, and mindful of the Blessed Mother, we follow God's will and the teachings of Jesus Christ,  especially  through Sunday Worship and the care of parishioners for one another and by connecting life and faith on a regular basis.

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Ash Wednesday - February 14

Will you walk with me on my journey? I began it long ago on the banks of the Jordan River. At the river, John called people to change because the Kingdom of God was near. He didnít know how right he was. The Kingdom of God was more than near; it was in the very hearts of the people to whom I had come.

And so I set out. All along the way, I met the poor and sick, the powerless and abused and I tried to ease their hurts, comfort them and meet their needs. That is what the Kingdom of God is Ė people showing others that God is involved and that he cares. The people looked on me as a teacher, as a miracle worker, as a prophet sent by God. Maybe I was. All I really know is that my journey took me to people and together with the people I met along the way I tried to see and show the presence of my Father.

Along the way, I saw suffering and began to hope that things could be different, that people could change. People donít like to change, especially those who live in comfort and could really make things better for those who suffer. They hated me for what I said and did. They were afraid of losing what was safe and familiar and comfortable for them. They were afraid of losing themselves. And in their fear, they crucified me.

But Iím not gone. The Kingdom is not an empty dream. The Kingdom is here and I continue on my journey. You can see me in the face of the teacher preparing young people to live full and rewarding lives, in the doctor who shows compassion for the sick, in the social worker who fights against family violence and abuse, in the lawyer defending the rights of those who seem most powerless, in all the people who simply care.

Will you walk with me on my journey? I canít promise you comfort or peace. The complacent of your world will despise what you say and do as much as the complacent of my world hated me. But the Kingdom is growing. Justice and peace are possible. And if you care, really care for your fellow human beings, others we meet along the way will see my face in you, too.

Will you walk with me?

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As a convenience to our parishioners, Our Lady Queen of Peace has establishing a means for you to make payments and regular contributions online.  The service uses advanced encrypted security features, so that using the service is safe.  You will access this service by following the Online Payments link on the navigation bar.  This link will take you to the secure server where you can set up your account.  With your account, you can specify regular deductions from your bank account or charges to your credit card, or you can log on to make individual payments and contributions.  At any time, you can change your payment options or cancel use of the service.  There is no cost to you for this service.  If you have any questions, please contact Jan Schultheiss in the parish office.

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